"hey look! i think there's somebody out there."   

Sex, Drugs and Unix, Retrospective
Svante Tidholm, Stocktown
Seed, Stocktown
Robin Söderman and David Westerlund (Antiloop), Stocktown
Joonas, Stocktown
Rémember, Astral Realms
Linda, Astral Realms
Wolfstonecraft, Astral Realms
Karin Ström, Illusions
Martin Claesson, Illusions
Elin Olson, Illusions
Emanuel Dohi & Niklas Sedin, Illusions
Big Block 454, Murderism
Geekgirl, Murderism
Ohm Figures, Murderism
Downhill, Fiber Dawn
Fredde, Street
Boutique Sportif, Street
Kin Sundberg, Street
Streetwise, Street
Jonas Sohn, Street
Earlwin Lawrence & Jimmy Håkansson, Street
Madelaine Levy (Mono), Pilot
Ana Voog, Pilot
Johanna Nilsson, Superhero
Henrik Thornberg and Tomas Hemstad (Sylvester), Superhero
Michael "Spicey" Björnlycke, Superhero
Ida Kärrby, Superhero
Magnus Pettersson (Evil Eye Tattoo), Superhero

Toilet Poetry, Retrospective
Poetry for the Melancholic, Dystopia
Poetry, Astral Realms
Desolate, Illusions
Poetry by Gavin Heck, Illusions
Who's Loving You, Illusions
Poetry by Moshe Benarroch, Murderism
Poetry by Janet Buck, Street
Poetry by Robert James Berry, Street
Poetry by Seth Abrahamsson, Hush Up!
Poetry by Janet Buck, Hush Up!
Poetry by Taylor Graham, Hush Up!
Poetry by Scott C. Holstad, Hush Up!
Poetry by Ahila Sambamoorthy, Hush Up!
Poetry by Robert James Berry, Hush Up!
Poetry by Duane Locke, Superhero
Poetry by Laurence Overmire, Superhero
Poetry by Ken Pobo, Superhero
Poetry by Penelope Talbert, Superhero
Poetry by Gloria Alexander, Superhero

Blind Geese, Pilot
Invisible Bridges, Hush Up!
Job Jitters, Superhero

The Monster, Murderism
The Matrix, Fiber Dawn
The Tunnel, Street
The Neon, Pilot
Human Weakness, Hush Up!
The Sketchbook, Superhero

Twisted Sister: Come Out and Play, Dystopia
Mary J Blige: Share My World, Stocktown
Grave Diggaz: The Pick, the Sickle and the Shovel, Astral Realms
Enigma: The Cross of Changes, Astral Realms
Lenny Kravitz: Mama Said, Astral Realms
LTJ Bukem: Logical Progression, Street
Maxwell: Embrya, Street
DMX: Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood, Hush Up!
Roots: Things Fall Apart, Hush Up!
Ben Harper: Welcome to the Cruel World, Hush Up!
Blade (Soundtrack), Hush Up!
Cassius: 1999, Hush Up!
Whitney Houston: My Love is Your Love, Hush Up!
Cold Krush Cuts/DJ Krush: DJ Krush Back in the Base, Hush Up!

Blood Music, Retrospective
Snow Crash, Retrospective
Cyberia, Retrospective
Microserfs, Retrospective
Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits, Dystopia
Domu. A Child's Dream, Dystopia
Worlds Without End, Dystopia
The Eye of the World, Dystopia
Dick Kulpa: Angels and Surreal Art, Stocktown
Sandman: A Game of You, Stocktown
Pollen, Astral Realms
Holy Fire, Astral Realms
The Boy Was in the Hallway, Illusions
Kallocain, Illusions
Cyber-Killers, Illusions
The Case of Mary Bell, Street
Fahrenheit 451, Street
Pimp — the Story of My Life, Street
White Boy Shuffle, Hush Up!
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Hush Up!
Art Spiegelman: Maus: A Survivor's Tale, Hush Up!
Art Spiegelman: Maus: A Survivor's Tale, Hush Up!
Jon Courtenay Grimwood: reMix, HushUp!
Transmetropolitan, Hush Up!
Brian Michael Bendis: Goldfish, Superhero
James Balwdin: Giovanni's Room, Superhero
John Ashbery: Your Name Here, Superhero
Frank Miller: The Dark Knight Returns, Superhero
Fredrik Strage: Mikrofonkåt, Superhero
Bruce Sterling: Distraction, Superhero
William S. Burroughs: Junky, Superhero
Chester Himes: If He Hollers Let Him Go, Superhero