Come Out And Play

Come Out and Play

Twisted sister released their album, Come Out and Play, already in 1985. In fact I got it as a birthday gift from Mirash, some ten years back. Since then it has been a record I haven't been able to put away for a too long time. I tend to put it on play when feeling blue. There must be some anti-blue secretion in it. I guess it's for me what Pearl Jam is for Dennis Rodman.
    The songs I like the best is track 7 (I BELIEVE IN YOU) and track 11 (KING OF THE FOOLS). The first for the inspiring hope in its lyrics — I think we all sometime need to know that there's someone out there who believes in you, and the other one for its dystopian lyrics. I can see the irony in it, but the truth as well. For some people.

The music ranges from ballads to more rocky tunes, and though I haven't been listening to much metal, I do like all the songs. Perhaps one doesn't have to enjoy this type of music to enjoy this CD, or perhaps it's just personal.
    Either way — I remember Twisted Sister as something different than maked-up, temporary transvestites. Last time I read an article on them that was the definition of them.