Mikrofonkåt by Fredrik Strage Mikrofonkåt
Fredrik Strage

"My book is not this big treatise on Swedish hip hop, immigrants and suburbs. Neither is it the story about how hip hop was born in Bronx (if you want to read about this I recommend "Rap Attack" by David Toop) or a discussion whether Swedish rap is better or worse than rap from other counties.
   My book is about how Swedes use hip hop, about our fascination for those things black and American. It is a book about young, microphone horny people. Some of them sell thousands of records, others live on welfare, some of them have just written their first rhymes, others try to make comeback, some of them want to change society, while others mostly dream of sex, luxury and record deals."

This is how Fredrik Strage opens his book "Mikrofonkåt", which is Swedish for "microphone horny". Note that the text above is a translation made by me. The original text is written in Swedish.


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