Cyber-Killers, edited by Ric Alexander Cyber-Killers

Cyber-Killers is a somewhat different cyberpunk anthology. It's divided into three sections: Network Terrorists, Robot Crime and Virtual Murderer. Nothing is really new in an anthology as this, several authors is familiar for the cyberpunk reader, as William Gibson, Pat Cadigan and John Shirley. And the stories are naturally those published elsewhere before.

The magic of an anthology is the taste with which the editor manages to put together a selection of stories. And it's an tempting selection in Cyber-Killers.

In the preface Peter F. Hamilton writes that the product has become its own label. He's aiming at the word cyber in the modern culture. I'm not sure if it's a product, or a label, but perhaps it is. I only read and see it in books and films. And that thing Hamilton describes as cyber really makes me long a little. If you like SF and the product/label cyber, this is a book for you.