C A S S I U S      


Though I didnít know, Philipe Zdar and Bombass have been there for quite some time. Playing with the house, playing with the samples and the hiphop. Theyíve produced MC Soolar and theyíve been the masterminds behind La Funk Mob and Motorbass.

Track 3, Crazy Legs, is a tribune to the brake dance (the Electro). It brings my mind to my own attempt at break dance, during the 80ís. But there are more evolved songs on the album.. I fall for track 4, La Mouche (the fly), on which a scratch is producing a buzzing fly throughout the track.

1999 is happy music. Itís house music. Itís not supposed to make you anything than move ya body on da dancefloor. And it certainly moves my.