Seth Abramson

Seth Abramson is a 22 year-old first-year law student at Harvard Law School. A 1998 graduate of Dartmouth College, he majored in English with a concentration in modern and classical drama, and minored in sociology. While at Dartmouth he was named a Rufus Choate Scholar and received citations for his Shakespearean analyses.

He has been a life-long resident of the Boston area, and much of his work explores his experiences growing up in New England, and his continuing love affair with the region.
    His writings focus in large part on the interactions children have with their socially-constructed environments--be it in their connections with parents, friends, students, strangers, or social institutions.
    His poetry is primarily narrative in nature, and often auto-biographical; however, he also enjoys painting pictures of moments he has never himself had the pleasure or misfortune of experiencing.

After beginning his poetry-writing efforts in late 1998, Seth has had work published in two electronic magazines: "Haberdash Poetry" and "A Country Rag."

He is a former writer for the nation's oldest college newspaper, the "Daily Dartmouth."

Trooper                      1

Bucket of Ants                                   2

Working Class                                                      3