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Itís a girly world we live in. Really the 90ís is the decade when the girls strike back or in another word: feminism.
    On-line it appears in form of numerous girly sites chats and zines. The Australian electronic magazine, Geekgirl, is one of the more vociferous cyberfeminist publications. Published by the media person Rosie Cross, a.k.a. RosieX and Geekgirl. But as always a country isnít more than two letters after a dot on the web. The e-zine stands firmly with itís feet in Oz and its arms wherever the web stretches.
    Confronting the world with slogans as "grrrls need modems" Geekgirl is out to touch the world with some intelligent cyberfeminism.
    Girl power is about womenís liberation. Spice Girls do it by dressing in slim blouses and mini-skits, treating the men the same way theyíve been treating women for centuries they say womenís libbers do it by debate and mean of politics and Geekgirl dos it with a zine.

So why cyber feminism, on-line, why not just feminism?

Cos it's descriptive.

In an interview you made with Saide Plant she says the technology evolution and the women's liberation go hand in hand. You agree with that?

I certainly get a great deal of satisfaction out of using info tech. It's hard for me to identify with something so personal and also very broadband. I think the isolation of technology especially when used at home challenges both genders to be motivated and seek self taught methods of expression. I think the feminist dialogue or one person which only represents a narrow range of issues is sorta boring. It's not very real and well if you want to engage in technology as a woman it will appeal to 'them' on many different levels and usages. I think the advent of technology and the virtual bra burning — like no more stinkin' patriarchy is inevitable..not soon euff! Hmm I think I smell something cookin'!..

In Swedish media the term "girl power" is often used. Can you relate to it somehow?

Here we use the cruder term "pussy power", yes I can relate to it!

You are the editor of the on-line zine, Geekgirl. Do you read any fan zines/e-zines yourself?

Yep that's me founder/publisher/editor/creatrix — RosieX. I read zines which are sent me. I love A5 zine formats, something I wish I could have produced geekgirl in : but alas my bid at hard copy zine stardom sent me broke, and almost nuts using paper and printers. I think I'm better at the online version, but it's still a memorable experience using paper. But alas trees are my friends ..
    I do have a stack of favourite zines and some are totally mad I adore them! Especially the hand coloured ones and you know there is only so many out there. It's special — people are so talented and really into what they do for personal enjoyment. Or is that S&M?

You mentioned you where going to Japan. Would you mind revealing of what is going on in Japan?

Ahh, those nice people from the Australia Council for the Arts are sending me to a Comdex Trade Show, in Tokyo.. last year went to Las Vegas to do the same thing. I guess I'm kind of an ambassador for Australian online zinesters. I gotta tell you Vegas was a blow was hard work but a lot of fun, we exhibited geekgirl, as "the world's first cyberfeminist hyperzine", geekgirl merchandise, attitude etc.
    I've been to Tokyo before but it's gunna be hard to compete with Vegas. Saw IMAX in 3-D, watched new DVD titles and hung out with the nrrrds and new Multimedia freaksters. And every hotel I mean every hotel on the Vegas strip has a casino in the foyer so you can't miss it! Even the local food mart has slot machines.
    Saw two fantastic shows Penn & Teller, Penn writes for now and told me he never was infatuated with Uma Thurman,..and the other show was Cirque du Soleil, absolutely amazing. In fact the most amazing theatre / art / performance / I've ever seen!! Got a 3-D slide show of that which is kinda neat.
    Now Tokyo, my 2 grrrlfriends I am travelling with want to see L7: and I wanna drink saki with the failing Japanese billionaires and convince them I have some good ideas..and see some local Japanese technobars/and video.

And finally — we have heard you ask it, but never answer it — is technology sexy?

Depends who the supplier is. <wink>


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