white guitar Howling Pop-rock
Ohm figures playing the tunes
  Picture yourself a house built in the 60’s and then forgotten. From the outside it looks as any house. Two floors, windows, a door. But inside the walls are abraded, the interior worn, and it gives one an underground feeling (though we’re not beneath the ground at all), making me nod my head slightly, while entering, thinking this is just the place for a band to be. If you romanticize some and forget that some bands have a tendency to grow big, famous and too rich to rehearse in an old house full of feelings.
    But we’re there. At the music house Oden, in central Karlskrona. Jakob and Kristofer stops by the poster flashing Back Yard Babies, who’ll play here soon. They seem a bit excited. And we move on up to the rehearsal room.

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