They Live

Because everything is falling apart. Canít you see it? The things we cherish get less and less, and the hate for things only increases. Whatís the point of living and whatís the point of hating? If victory is what we strive for and if victory is the meaning of hatred itís a silly world weíre living in, and weíre even sillier since we keep fooling ourselves.
    We canít win. Because itís always we and them. No matter from which side weíre gazing the parts will always be a product of our attitude. And weíll always lose, because we havenít learned that in a world of we and them one part must always be conquered. The one who wins today loses tomorrow, and so it goes. The world. In the end we all lose. Something.

Iím not very religious, but I think I can forgive and forget. I think we should. What grows from hatred, passed on from generation to generation canít be worth inhaling. Not even in small dozes.
    If weíre still longing for that victory, that victory they had 500 years ago — and now we want it back — we havenít learned anything from history, than to make the same mistake 500 years over. And that victory is all that matters in a world like our.

If you open the newspaper there are pages of war, murder and defeat. If you put on the TV-news there are hours of war, murder and defeat. No-one wins, everyone seems to be losing nowadays, but still the murderism goes on. People must have forgotten why they fight, when the fighting itself becomes as natural as living and dying. And the few of us who know why we murder are too powerful to be called a minority. But there are more sides to it, more sides than can be caught in a few struggling words.
    I think hatred is born from the self-manipulating thought that while we get murdered, humiliated and eradicated, they... They live.



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