Moshe Benarroch

Born in Tetaun — the northenmost city of Morocco in front of the Gibraltar — Moshe Benarroch is the writer of the poetry collection "The Litany of the Immigrant" and the novel "The Coming Book". His poetry is included in numerous Israeli literary magazines and in several on-line publications, as well as printed magazines in English, French and Spanish. Among other Poetry Magazine, Visions, Moonshade Magazine, and Tomes of the Literati. He also writes reviews for the music magazine, Fame.

Being born in the Moroccan city closest to Spain, the city in which Jewish sepharadism settled after they were chased from Spain in 1942, Moshe today lives in Israel together with his wife, Danielle, and their three children.

Moshe Benarroch's
  The Body

  The Bread And the Dream

  Material Rain

  To Be An Ethnic Minority


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