Kallocain, Karin Boye Kallocain

In the future, in the twenty-first century the chemist Leo Kall is a loyal "citizen-solider". He is a hundred percent loyal to the state, but what actually drives him is the fear of being caught with unloyal thoughts or actions. When Leo produces a drug by the help of which one can reveal a person's most inner thoughts he soon begins realizing how many of his fellow citizens actually are unhappy with the State and it's way of controlling people.

Haunted by paranoia and fear Leo is soon suspecting his wife and his superior for having an affair and planning on getting Leo "out of the way". It is a passionate and a bit psychological novel showing the human weaknesses. Showing how easy it to get us fight against each other while our common enemy fuels us with more and more fear.

Kallocain is a dark novel of a near future in a totalitarian society. Thoughts immediately draw me to George Orwell's future novel, 1984, which has a similar dystopic world. And the end is not what I expceted.