The Cross of Changes

We came out from the deep,
To help and understand, but not to kill
It takes many, many lives till we succeed
To clear the debts
      Of many, many hundred years.

Spearsome song and spiritual music is Enigma for me in one sentence. The Extraordinary "Return to Innocence" [track 3], is actually an exception with its long lyrics.
    What I like about Enigma is they are always saying something, there is always a message in their music and it is put forth in an elementary ease and simplicity.
    Religion and the rights and wrongs are important topics on this album, though because of its originality, the music probably not recognized until read the lyrics.
    I cannot really make out something I can touch out of Enigma, I can't fit them in a tight box of techno, pop or whatever, and I just cannot get them out of my head. They are mirroring something I truly recognize and I cannot let it go. I will not.


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