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Burning Bridges

If you treat your stars right they will last for an eternity. That goes for everything; stars, things, memories, friends, other things... lives. I think they call it health now, when it comes to saving lives — or at least your own — but did it not used to be magic? Of course, today technology is magic, all the things you never thought were possible and is happening right in front of your nose, eyes and ears. Perhaps there is a magician in each and every one of us; we just got to let him/her go. Free.
    I think life is magic.

People do not believe nowadays. I mean people in general, persons believe, but not people as a mass. Not today. We believe that tooth paste is good for your teeth, because they said it on the TV add, and we believe that wide screen TV is a scandalous affair when it comes to ones neighbors’ jealousy, because they said it on the radio, and we also believe we will be better human beings if we can maneuver something completely (not in so many words, but we do) or should express just: power. We believe in computers, and we believe in ourselves, but we do not believe in anything greater than man.
    I think they used to call it hubris.

I do not want to live without the magic. Not without the spirits, and not without myself. So I am searching for the spirits in me. Burning all bridges and starting anew. Here are other persons' spirits, their magic and their belief.     I think, behind the bridges, there is a spirit in you.

I guess the search of God will never end, but maybe we're just looking in the wrong plays.

What's that band called? Those Hungarians who play that awsome, fast neo-grunge-funk-rock. Do you remember?

Let's call her Linda. She's a witch. We had a little chitchat with her to find out what this Wicca is all about.

Another faith, another belief, a different church, but not a cult. Definitely Goth. Die Kirche von Wolfstonecraft.

Words without meaning and meaning without words. Get a grip of Yaje.

I had never appreciated life or the joy it could bring... till I met Dijana. She showed me another way. But as always all good things must end. And so would mine.

Absurdity on high levels. Pollen count is high and rising, people are dying, killing, raping, abusing. Others are gaining, or just... dreaming.

Posthumaninty is walking on its edges. We won't go any further than this, we won't know any more than this, we can't evolve beyond eternity. We cannot be filled with Holy Fire more than once in our lives.

Fantasy is what we never see, strong words which floods my head like Poetry.

Spiritual and mystical. Always so enigmatic, always so true and always so bother-worth... always so very Enigma.

Resistant and ponderous. They want to shock the world and maybe open some eyes. Are you a stillborn or are you a gravedigga?

Do you know what mama said? No? Well why don't you ask Lenny.

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