Two of a kind

Rhys rushes into the room just after midnight, still catching his breath and not even having the chance to take his boots off. Spirits accompany him, I suppose, because they did last time we spoke and he confirms my thought. "Always," he says, meaning they are always there. They are mostly fairies, or fae as he calls them.
    There are dozen of names for the different kinds of spirits — faeries, pixies, elves, gnomes, dwarfs. Even angels and daemons. Iíve always thought of them as fantasy beings, but Rhys discards that with a quick shrug of his shoulders. "Depends on your philosophies," he replies.
    Rhys Xehtoht Wolfstonecraft, a.k.a. Eric Nadeau, is a witch. He considers himself to be the founder of the Church of Wolfstonecraft (die Kirche von Wolfstonecraft). Thus having lived earlier, in the 17th century, then as the Scottish magus Wolfstonecraft, practicing Angel magic. Wolfstonecraft isnít in fact his real name, merely the English translation of it. I wonder if his real name is a secret, but the answer is that power can be won form the pronouncing of the true name of a spirit. I think perhaps Wolfstonecraft must even be a very powerful spirit.
    Angel magic is rituals and spells believed to control spirits, angels, daemons; supernatural elements. It sounds, to me, like something most good, though itís not quite that simple. Though angels are good, faeries neutral and daemons evil. "It was banned by the pope in 1318," Rhys informs me. So I suppose heís not very close with the Xians (alt. spelling for Christians), as he expresses the word himself.
    "I personally donít care about the Church." And as it comes for God he doesnít call it God, "because it exists without existing." He simply doesnít call it.

During our talk Rhysí answers are brief and strike me some precise. He keeps mixing his English with short expressions in German. As saying ja respectively nein, instead of yes respectively no. From the start I thought he might have German blood, but he explains it with having an ex-girlfriend living in Germany. He himself is Canadian. In this life.
    In the middle of the interview Ailena joins us. Her sarcasm stroke me as the kind of friendly bullying friends can achieve friends among, although Ailena said they hadnít known each other for long. "Are you happy now?" are Ailenaís first words, which Rhys says he is, whereafter explaining she is only here to make sure he donít slip up much. "We all know how horribly you can behave," is Ailena's reply, and for a moment I wonder whether sheís joking or not.

Today Rhys is rather a teacher of technique, than a teacher of philosophies. In fact he admits many of the members of die Kirche (although they do not call themselves members) would disagree of his philosophies. A fact which Ailena clearly shows.
    His past life he got aware of through a past life regression "A ritual?" I wonder, but itís not quite a ritual. "You start by imagining yourself in that safe place deep inside," Rhys says and I catch myself looking inside of me. "Then you create a blue resilient sphere around you. From within this sphere you direct yourself to two sets of stairs. Several leading upward, and others leading down. Take the flight that leads downwards." The upward stairs would lead to other lives, random lives. In fact both do, but the upward to one you know.
    Today the followers of the Church of Wolfstonecraft are few in number. In fact there are only four regular members. Two in Quebec, Canada one travelling and one in Norway. They see the Internet as a way to communicate with fellow like-minded.
    The purpose of the Church is no different from any other purpose to be known, as Rhys expresses it. "Quite simply, to have our name out there and have people ask what are you?"

Although Rhys belief reminds me some of Wicca he says itís different. He doesnít always agree with Wiccans. "Theyíre too happy," Ailena suggests. Sounds to me the members of the Church of Wolfstone arenít too happy, but she explains she is merely the one getting annoyed by overly happy people.
    We end our chat, still only early in the morning, with Rhys explaining some about the GothCode he has in his e-mail signature. I think about the GothCode he has as his e-mail signature. I think of all the GeekCode Iíve seen in Usenet posts. So if youíre still curious about this Goth, get a decoder at the GothCode homepage. Thereís more in those few ASCII characters than I had first thought. As I leave Rhys and Ailena, I wonder who the magus will be in his next life, if heíll still be practicing Angel magic, and perhaps if I too have lived before. But Iím not ready for that blue resilient sphere. Not just yet.


Rhys X. Wolfstonecraft
GothCode 3.1
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