Fahrenheit 451
by Ray Bradbury

Fahrenheit 451 the temperature when a book catches fire. It is a dark and dystopic science fiction novel depicting the life of the fireman Guy Montag. In the future books are forbidden and it is the firemen's task to burn them.
    Guy Montag never sees Fahrenehit 451 this task as a load. On the contrary he rather much enjoys it. That is till one day, when curiosity takes over hand and he does the most forbidden thing - he reads a couple of pages from a book. This is where Montags life takes an enormous U-turn. He realizes he's not happy with his life and although he didn't really understand what he read he wants to read more. He wants to understand. Why are books illegal? What's so harmful about them? What do they mean?
    To get some answers he finds an retired English professor. But the old man is afraid, and to begin with very careful, when a fireman knocks on his door asking him about books. Though, soon Montag gains the old man's trust. Even so much enough that the retired professor reveals some of his secrets.
    During all this time it is a hard inner feud for Montag, who now sees upon his job and his fellow-workers with all different eyes. One of the newborn problems he has to face is the cunning and sharp-eyed fire-captain Beatty. Who probably saw it already from the start - towards where Montag was leaning - but probably tried to 'save him' in his own way.

Fahrenheit 451 is one of the older generation science fiction novels. The most emphasizing parts are probably probably where the very slippery, loquacious fire-captain Beatty with his effortless speeches tries convincing Montag in forgetting the books, which are 'bad' and 'evil'.
    The book, with its old science fiction, may seem childish at some parts, though regardless what's most important: it gets the point across.


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