Things Fall Apart
   R O O T S      

The five released album covers (the Baby, the Ace, the Church, the Girl and the Riot) all symbolize destruction. The original cover was a drawing of the band members drowning each with a pair of Mafia cement shoes. It showed their fear of staying in the music business today. And that's what they talk about in the intro of the album.

- It incenses me that our people don't realize our own heritage, our own culture. This is our music.
- That's bullshit!
- What?
- It's all bullshit. Everything you just said is just bullshit.
- People donít come because you motherfuckers donít play shit that they like. If you play shit that they like the people will come."

The track which catches me the most is the hit with Erykah Badu, You Got Me.

Another track grabbing hold of me is Return to Innocence Lost where the poet Ursula Rucker recites about her lost brother.

Things fall apart is a ode to the music. To the hip-hop music, to the artists' roots, and to the culture.

Nothing is forever. Things fall apart.