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Tick Tock Stop the Clock

Spring is here and we feel the sudden urge of just dropping everything. Forget about obligations and responisbility.
spaceForget about all the I have to's and the I must's. Hide away the clock... let it tick, I don't care. Time is relative... and right now unimportant.
spaceOr perhaps more important than anyhting else.
spaceTry to look back, ignore the ticking of the clock, and ask yourself what's different. In Stockholm people are still wearing sky skrapers on their feet and dress in belly buttoms. And the drive in has extended to McDonald's, churches and we're only awaiting the drive in libraries and drive in school, well drive though. But the clock keeps ticking, don't let it bother you.
spaceLooking inot the future is sometimes as looking back into the past. It's like we're all glancing through a huge wheel, and if you keep glancing long enough eventually you'll return to where you already have been.
spaceLet's reverse the clock a bit, remember the the things you did or missed. Don't worry about cathing up time, let's just glance for a while, or don't worry about anyhting at all and just do as you feel.
spaceWe feel as stopping the clock for a while, so... tick tock... oh, it stopped.

• First, some words.

• She was ill by a thirst to which the nature had created no drink, and so she became a dead Amazon, with a voice still calling.

• Among hackers, cyberpunks and kids on line — forget the rock 'n' roll, now it's Sex, Drugs and UNIX

• Taking a closer look at Matt Wagner's Grendel Tales... can you say: "I LOVE comics"?

• Freaking that nasty tune, let's play that vinyl

• The story of three lives, sometime, somwhere, sleeping like giants and telling the tale

• Twins, twins, twins, twins... Who are those twins, any way?

• Living in Cyberia. Bandwidth, networks, people, drugs, new edge. He wrote a book about it.

• Watching some ol' rerun, sometimes those shows can be like Kafka nightmares sticking in one's head for days

• We bring you toilet poetry, straight from a public water closet in Stockholm.

• The nihilistic ideology sprung from Russia in the 19th century. Can you see the future of men in virtual black suits? Or a post-future.

• Discovering the horror of post-humanism; transforming and twisting in silence. It's quiet enough for one to almost sense the blood music playing for you.

• Illegal to distribute, but legal to posses and use — the regulations are wooly. The record companies don't like them, and one could see why. MPEG3 songs are cutting into their business.

• The novel of a hacker, a virus and an antagonist. Ancient lore. action, figthing and humour in 400+ pages of words.

Who the hell was Lenin? We're not gonna tell you.

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