Honey, I need to tell you something...
Jack is dead and he's never coming back.
Jack is dead, baby, please listen to me...

gun to one's face

Baby I saw it on the rerun.
Saw a man with this huge gun,
Saw him shooting down another man,
In cold blood just gunned him down.
Baby, I'm telling you this wasn't good,
And I'm telling you this wasn't fine,
He just shot down another man
Everything wasn't as it should,
But I saw it on the rerun.
Baby, I'm telling you.

He just walked in and said, Hi Jack.
Jack didn't twitch and Jack didn't move.
Then he shot Jack between the eyes,
Yes, he shot him right between the eyes.
No one scremed, and no one cried,
Jack was dead by a bullet between the eyes.
That was Jack's life in a a shell,
That was Jack's death in a little shell.
Jack is dead now, no he doesn't live,
And I saw it on the rerun, yes I saw it all.

But Jack's soul wasn't dead,
Baby I said Jack's soul wasn't dead.
It justed walked up to a broken mirror,
Walked up to the glass and closed the door,
And I saw Jack speaking to his soul.
Said how can you judge me?
Just who you think you are?
But his soul was a greater spirit,
So it spoke to him, or sung in lyrics,
And it said to him, Jack, you're dead.
I saw it on the rerun, yes I saw it all.

Let's go back, baby