Grendel - A Fiend of My Love

by mirash

C o m i c s ! Can't help loving that word. There's something about them. Reading a good comic is no difference from reading a good book (not that I wouldn't enjoy a good book), they fasinate me, there's so many wonderful stories and there's nothing more wonderful than beeing trapped in one of them. I'm spellbound and I love it!

I'm not comic panel that kind of person who goes down-town to spends his last money on buying comics (but I could be, trust me. I could very easy be just that one). Acctually I'm not the owner of many comic books at all. Hell, I can even count them at the fingers at one of my hands! But it's no the quantity that counts, chumm.

So what comics do I read, maybe you wonder. Well, for example Frank Miller's Dark Night Returns (ah... it's wonderful), I wasn't much for Batman, but when I read that one, well you just had to like it (...what a cruel world *evil grin*). Shall I continue? Ronin. Sin City. Hard Boiled. Haven't read them all, haven't even got them, but in the, hopfully, near future I will and I have a tingeling feeling I won't be disappointed.

But let me tell you what really caught my mind in a spell. It was just a normal day, no different from another, when I was down-town, lurking at a comic shop. That's when I saw Matt Wagner's Grendel Tales: Four Devils, One Hell. I turned a couple of pages and that's when I knew I had to have it. Unfortunatley I had no money at the time being, so - as that law abiding citisen I am - I put the comic back at its shelf. But, inwardly, a lucky feeling at the back of my mind caused an instant of mirth. An unseen grin. Because I knew that comic was mine already. It had my name written all over it, it just didn't know it yet. But I knew. Oh yes, I knew.

And about a month later when I finally held it in my arms, with the glorius feeling of rejoice, I knew my instinct had been right. A couple of hours... that's all that was needed. With a bitter-sweat sigh I then turned the last page and I then knew I loved it. I would love the next tale too. I would love them all, because I have never read a better comic book than Matt Wagner's Grendel Tales! Hail Grendel!

Four Devils, One Hell. A story written by James Robinson and Illustrated by Teddy H. Kristensen

Let me take you down South... where it all ended... in hell. It begins differently for each of them four.

The private eye gets his first job in months. A murder case. Hell, it beats divorce work. Breaking up families... breaking hearts.

The madman... well you never know what will turn up in a madman's wicked mind.

The gambler, just a lucky meeting. Or maybe not.

The art collector finds out about a long lost treasure... wouldn't you go to?

Somehow their paths ends up all in the same place. The four lost souls will soon notice that what was former the grendel clan has turned into something no one ever suspected.