They are illegal to distribute, but legal to posses and use. Major record companies are taking up a fight against the pirated songs. They think they may spoil their business.

Usually song music files with cd quality would take up 20-30MB of disk space. MPEG3 songs, however, are compressed to that level they only need to take up some 3 or 4MB of your precsious HD space. Some say one doesn't have to buy records any longer. And really, what's the point if you can have it all fro free? That's the Internet dream, well ain't it?

EFnet has it's own channel, #MPEG3, dedicated to the trade of these files all around the clock. The Mp3 Gig had to close down (may be up again, could happen), since a major Record Label requested the owner of the Gig to do so, but there still is plenty of smaller sites which are alive and kicking mp3's all around the world.

Someone put up one FTP search, amongst plenty... so you can even scan for that favourite tune you wish to have pirated. It's illegal to put up songs on your web-/ftp-sight, for others to download. However, it is not illegal to use services of downloading already existing. Don't you just love the Internet laws? And don't you just love those mp3 files. They're nice, swift, and... illegal.