Men in Virtual Black Suits
It was raining in Moscow that Winter. for the first time in years. It was like the humanity had been screwing the ozone layer long enough, and now it was finally striking back. It brought a mean temperature above zero and tons of rain.
I wondered what Moscow would look like in snow.
That Winter; the first time I got in touch with the Black Suits society was on a cocktail party. Nikolai was merely a kid then, twenty-two years old, but his ambitions was already then the brightest star among the people on the party. He had a message he wanted to spread all over the world and so came the Black Suits.
I still remember him holding that speech some years alter: ”Some say we’re a bunch of kids playing an adult’s game. Some say we’re a cult. Some say we’re a crowd of neo-Communists and should be executed. Some claim we’re fascists and criminals... I say WE’RE A FUCKING RELIGION!” Those words brought thousands of hands together into an applause. Now afterwards I cannot see why.
The society of the Men in Virtual Black Suits was an ideology, and their suits was what the swastika had been for the nazists; nothing they had created themselves, but something they cherished as if they had. It was a brotherhood of religious fanatics and Nikolai was their God. He never bothered being their prophet, that he left to his goons — he created the religion.
The thesis in the Black Suits’ theory was to restructure the world, make people aware of what’s going on around them. It was a good thought, but as the Communism, merely a fairy tale for adults. Once Nikolai got the power he grew as corrupt as the asses he had to step on to achieve it. In the end, when I’m sitting with all the answers, knowing the outcome of it all, I can’t help seeing them as children playing with a rock way beyond their capacity of lifting. And the same toy which once brought them so much joy would also be the same toy finally crushing them, thoroughly.