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Reading, watching, bitching, gazing; we came across some marv' 'ol tales, not of the ancient Grendel itself, but the devil has many faces. Reading Grendel Tales is like hearing those stories — told by different people, in a personal and original manner, and you keep longing for more. And more. And more. Now, husch, listen and perhaps you'll hear the tunes played within ya'll. Blood music is the profound tunes played in the very hearts of people, transforming them from inside. Or perhaps you'll prefer listening to some songs by a dead amazon, still singing pitch and clear after hear death. Always in motion and without worry for the day of hunger to come. But in Cyberia one never has to go hungry. A peek into a world on line, of hackers, cracker, RPG players and VR people. Some say we'll all soon be living in Cyberia, other say it's pure humbug. Who knows. Or what about a Metaverse. Hacking in UNIX, living in the 'Verse, staying away from the antagonists and Snow Crash. A trip into something else. In our own dimension, working for the Microsoft giant, employees branching beneath Bill, as corporative Microserfs. Geek humour, geek clothes, Autobahn manuals and terrific lines, in an origianl setting.