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Uneasy and Depressed

Have you ever felt it? That spooky kind of love that makes you wanna kill or die; you don't care which... No...? Then you don't know what it can do to you.

Outside my window, where life rushes one by, people are screaming and shouting... raping and killing. Abusing each other... but here, behind behind my wall of cold glass, time stands still. Nothing can penetrate it, nothing will... I'm just a beholder. Starring at a life in which I do not participate. Maybe this is what I want. Maybe...

I want to get timeless as the sea... the mountains... and sky. But I am just getting older. By every minute, by every hour. Death comes one step closer, laughing in my face, and there's nothing I can do about it. The beauty of sky, sea and mountians will last... probably for ever. Our will crumble and fade away into oblivion.

Tomorrow is another day, but not for me... for me time stands still... it will not move and I don't want it to. Because outside my window I can see how people suffer and I don't want to participate, don't want to care, don't want to feel, don't want to know. Tomorrow is another day, but yesterday was all the same to me.

In solitude I look at them outside my window and I know that something bothers them. I just can't put my finger on it and they don't want me to. They don't want to know. They don't want to care, don't want to feel the pain. So they shut themselfs out. Hide behind their masks and cry where nobody can see it.

And as you walk down the street I observe you. I can see your every step. Feel your every breathe... hear every regular beat of your heart. DUDUM-DUDUM DUDUM-DUDUM. But I am blind and I am dead behind my window of hard, clear glas. I don't want to see, don't want to hear. So I repell it...

Don't talk to me. I don't want to hear. Don't want to know what you are telling me. Outside my window the real life blooms, but I'm not a part of it so go out there and let me observe you or hide behind your own wall...

This one is already taken.

Short intro; we're mirash and robin. We're making all the blah blahing in this zine.

Food for mind; poetry for the melancholic.

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