It's Amazing

And then it struck me.
    There's cyber chat, cyber shopping, cyber weddings, cyber sex, cyber space, cyber punk. Books are published. Friends are made. Information is spread. Laws are broken. People are conned. Money is made. Homepages are created. Spam mails are sent. A lot of stuff you don't really care about is written. Internet is full of stuff you don't want to know. People are surfing. Counters are rolling. Digits flutter. Those who know make the big bucks. New bands appear. Music is spread. MP3's recorded. New laws are made. Big guys growing bigger. News groups are discussed. People are flamed. Emails are written. Things are discovered. Evolution rolls on. Big guys grow bigger. People meet. People fall in love. Weddings are made. Codes are hacked. E-zines are written. Sub cultures are born. Mudds are played. Heroes are made. Idols created. Communities are gathered. People meet. Friends are made. Information is spread. Laws are broken. It never stops.
    It's amazing!



Communities — PowWowing On-line
We seem to have a congenital urge to form communities. IRL as on-line. We form in lumps, socializing with the people we feel we ahve somehtign in common with. That's how it's built up. Our society.


Performance Designer Downhill — an interview with Gerd Willschütz
We met Downhill, a German performance designer, who recently finished his education i Liverpool. We talked about cyberpunk, dead media, design and our twisted society.

Telling the Tale

New Advancer — a Parody
There's that touch to writing a parody. How much should you include, how much should you exclude? How silly can you make it? And will they laugh? But even a parody can be honouring, just if you get the message right.

Artfan — the Matrix
The matrix is so interesting because of all it enholds. There's a whole universe in those pieces of mathematics. The biz', the ronins, the yakuza, the blood, the imagination and the fantasy. It's an artificial world come true.


Joystick Nation
We really must be a joystick nation, having a whole generation brought up with the joystick and joypad.

Lenny Kravitz: 5
He's cool. He's funky. And he's out with a new album. Who? Lenny Kravitz of 'cuz.

Prodigy: the Fat of the Land
Hard, fast, agitating music. Techno at its extent.