Photo from Rémember's web site.
The Hungarian rock band Rémember visited Sweden earlier this summer. In Stockholm they played at Alcazar together with the Swedish band Satirnine.

Rémember is Geiger, Aaron, Jero and Fibula. I've prevously only heard their recordnings, and was amazed to hear them live. They put up a funky show, allthough Geiger said they're used to performing at a larger stage with a bit more space. Jero had grown a real big beard for a video shoot, that kind of a beard making people turn around looking passing him on the street.

We intereviewed the band online back in '97 after their internet conecert arranged by the Hungarian magazine, Internetto. The band has also resently released an album, @Generation, on the label Private Moon.

Rémember left for a gig in Västerĺs a few days later and then for more gigs in Hungary. Hope to see them in Sweden again.

Visit Rémember at www.remember.hu


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