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Changing City

I was four years old when I first came to Stockholmand I didn't like it at all. In fact I was mostly confused and scared. The city didn't smell as the city I came from, everyone talked this weird language which I didn't understand at all, and momy and daddy was almost always working, leaving mirash an me at kindergarten, with these weird-tounged people.

But I grew fond of the city fast. And soon I came to like everything about it — the people, of which some became my friends, the smell (each city has it's own specific smell, I think) the nature, the language and the musicians in the streets.

Stockholm has changed since I fist came here — quite a lot in fact. They where rebuilding the city back then, and they still are. And yeah, I now see Stockholm will be the cultural capital of Europe '98. Con'grats ol' chap!

The people has also changed since I first moved here. Then I was one of the few immigrants here, while now especially suburban Stockholm is almost overpopulated by immigrants. In fact I've met Swedes who talk with an accent, just because they've been brought up in neighbourhoods with many foreign people. I found that weird in the beginning. But there are many cultures in Stockholm.

Some people has become more violent, and I only discovered racism during my last few years in elementary school. No one had ever called me nigger before — now everyone uses the word without meaning anything. People just don't say black, colored or Afro-American/-European — they say nigger. (Of course this is my aquatances I'm reffering to, not all the people in Stockholm.)

Today I've spent fifteen years in Stockholm, and I'm fond of it. I appreciate its anonymity, its vastness, and its smells. I think that's something everyone has for some city.

There's a lot to be told about Stockholm, and we're willing to bitch about it, so take a look through our eyes, and listen through our ears. Hear it! We're bringing you — Stocktown.

Welcome to Stocktown. Let us take you at a tour.

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