PILOT, ISSUE: 5:2
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Think innovation is a matter of daring to do things differently. Just loosing it and doing something just as you had pictured it. Without the taboos. If not, everything will be the old stuff. This is not an explicit pilot issue. Every issue is.


Neon O cover photo:
rick doble


I N      T H I S      I S S U E



Contributing Writers

Janet Buck
Robert James Berry
Marie Kazalia
Mark Phillips
Zoran Sudar

Contributing Photographers

Rick Doble
Michael Moreth

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Blind Geese — Soul vs. Soul
What's anything without the feeling? And how could you feel something without first being exposed to it? Perhaps, without the feeling you'll always be searching in the dark. So if you don't wanna be the blind man, you'd better feel. And do it good. Because everyone else must feel exactly as you do.

Mono — The Literary Fanzine
They are literary fans, and the people behind the literary fanzine, Mono. They don't like bitching about what they don't like and they're slightly in loved with Paris. Twins met editor Madelaine Levy.

Never Blink — Interview with Ana Voog
Peek, peek, little boy. The power of looking is tremendous. Peek, peek, little girl, what you see now, will never repeat itself. Peek, peek, little man, you're watching something unique so be sure to remember it all. Peek, peek. Just peek.

Furious Svensson

Furious Svensson
Some say it's good, others fear it as the plague. So really. Is Stockholm a good place for shopping sneakers?

Janet Buck
Poetry by Janet I Buck.

Robert James Berry
Poetry by Robert James Berry.

Marie Kazalia
Poetry by Marie Kazalia.

Mark Phillips
Poetry by Mark Phillips.

Telling the Tale

Being & Nothingness
Is, was, are, were... What's the difference? If what isn't once was and what aren't never were, perhaps we all never were, never will be, and aren't.

Artfan — the Neon
We look into the light and we all think we se something. Clearly our eyes must deceive us. Clearly it's only lies. The light, the dark, and the things behind walls. Because you can never be sure the other one sees what the first one images. Color, it's just a matter of speech.

the Cost of Living

the Cost of Living
Probably can be applied to anything. Nothing is free. Whatever you do, there's that little cost. Success is in the paying.


Polaroids from the Dead
What's the spritit of our century? And how do you catch it in words?


Lauryn Hill: the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill