hush up 012 Superhero        31 th may, 2001

Show us your heroes, we'll show you our.

  hush up 011 hush up        5th may, 1999

We are yet not that far gone on our trip to wonderland.

  pilot 010 pilot        4th dec, 1998

Rolling words and swaying shots, but we never learned to fly.

  street 009 street        12th sept, 1998

Put one foot in front of the other. Repeat... Good, you're learning.

  fiber dawn 008 fiber dawn        23rd may, 1998

We nuke our food, socialize through computers, cut our flesh in pure vanity... who made up this silly joke?

  murderism 007 murderism        11th apr, 1998

We want to leave our bodies. We want to live forever.

  illusions 006 illusions        28 feb, 1998

Shut your lids and you won't be fooled.

  astral realms 005 astral realms        20th dec, 1997

Here today, there tomorrow.

  sunshine! 004 sunshine        31st oct, 1997

Two weeks. One sun. Two happy boys.

  stocktown 003 stocktown        20th sept, 1997

The city. The grand stage. Walk on fluffy words or just adore it.

  dystopia 002 dystopia        20th aug, 1997

Getting gloomy. Hold tight.

  retrospective 001 retrospective        20th may, 1997

Lenin and cyberpunk. We're trippin'.